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Rottweiler Breeder : Locating a reputable breeder

The worlds a big place so here are some tips and links which may help you..

Locating a reputable breeder can be a feat in itself, anyone can easily say they are reputable, as knowbody wants to think of themselves as being disreputable! We are probabley the largest kennels in New Zealand, yet we breed afraction of the dogs compared with others with a lot less breeding dogs. Check out how often a bitch has had a litter, a puppy farmer will breed as many litters as possible out of their bitch which in our opinion is not right. The New Zealand Kennel Club will have the breeding records for each dog registered with them if you have concerns.

Over 35 years ago we had problems trying to find a reputable breeder. When choosing a breeder we suggest you do your homework, and do not rush into things. My wife (Sue) and Ispent 2 years looking and learning all we could about the rottweilerprior to buying our first dog. Below is a photo taken of my wife as a teenager with our first dog, he was well bred coming from respectedUk champion producingkennels Abukadra and Rottsann lines.

Maxwas not the bestof show dogs, but we learnt a lot from him.


Locating a reputable breeder

Don't just acceptbuying a pup from an advert, do your homework!

If you care about the breed then Don't buy from Trade Me, contact the NZKC, or ask for recommendations

Dont accept everything you read on the web, ask other owners

You should consider visiting a breeder, and make up your own mind


This can be very effective way of finding a good breeder, because only those that are happy with a breeder will recommend them to someone else! This person will have been tried and tested, and found to provide a good quality pup and service.

Breed Club Secretaries

They are a good source of obtaining information of qualityreputable breeders, these breeders would be expected to follow the breed club guidlines when breeding a litter.

Central Rottweiler Club - Maria Noanoa

The Rottweiler Club

Updated 21.12.2021

A reputable breeder should always have:

  • Breeding stock which have excellent temperaments
  • Breeders dogs shouldbe available for viewing
  • A puppies parents should be sound and healthy, with potential owners being made aware of any health problems
  • All breeding stock should be hip scored, some breeders will have had other health checks completed
  • Pups shouldnot be sold until they are at least 8 weeks of age.
  • Full diet instruction, and food should be supplied when the pup is sold
  • Ideally an advice sheet and reading list should also be provided
  • Help and advice should be freely available from the breeder
  • A written contract of sale should also be given to a new owner
  • A breeder should assist in rescueing any unwanted dogs which they breed

Old friends who gave 100% unconditional love

For help or advice about the breed, contact Sue & Ian, no sales required for this service!!


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