Rottweiler Health Problems

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The popularity of the breed over the last 20-30 years has been unfortunate, with over breeding and irrasponsible people getting involved. Its essential for the welfare of the breed that breeders, produce quality dogs, as newcomers to the breed will have little understanding or knowledge of a dogs background or breeding.I would suggest that you dont buy on Trade me, spend a bit of time looking for a suitable breeder, either on line or contact the New Zealand Kennel Club.

It is important to remember that only the first three generations on a pedigree contribute too the main inpact of the genes for your new puppy, by the fifth generation only 3% makes up its genetic inheritence.So for new people getting involved in the breed it is important to learn all you can about your new pups recent ancesters.

All breeders from time to time will have some problems, but a breeder who produces gentically sound dogs will through their breeding pogramme try to reduce the risk of hereditory health traits by  breeding from stock that have been health tested. Please note on Trade Me many dogs are cheap because these breeders dont health test and dont care who buys their dogs, so do your homework when looking for your next puppy. 

Common genetic defects and diseases proved to be hereditory, and traits that you should be aware of.

Behavioural problems, shyness,fear,biting etc


Dysplasia of the hip and elbow

Ectropion (out - turned eyelids)

Entropion (in - turned eyelids)

Epilepsy (fits)



Kidney Stones

Monorcchidism (one testicle)

Pettela luxation

Skin diseases

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