Hardrada Rottweilers puppy pictures


                       Below : Rottweiler Pictures of our pups and older dogs that have gone to family homes. 

Over the years we have bred some quality pups which have been placed in wonderful family enviroments. This is one thing we really want to continue. Our screening process shows, if you find the right people for the right dog,then things go well, so don't be put off if we ask lots of questions, and don't be offended if we decline to sell you a pup, but  it is important that both parties are happy with each other.     



 Rottweiler Pictures- Hot Litter puppy photo's taken @ 6 weeks of age  August 2010    


Rottweiler Pictures- Red litter puppy photo's taken @ 5 weeks of age January 2010           




Rottweiler -From puppy to champion


Our aim is always to produce a dog that can make an ideal family pet,which if required can protect and serve       its family well. Rottweilers are great with kids,but like any dog,they are a pack animal and need correct , and socialisation to get the best out of them. I don't recommend this breed to those with children under 5, inexperieced people, or those people wanting a guard dog. If you are willing to put ythe work in, and train your dog correctly, then you be rewarded with the ultimate family friend and protector,if you don't put the work in    then you can only expect problems.   




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