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Can you provide a permanent loving home for an older Rotty?

 If so contact ian@rottweiler.co.nz or

The Rottweiler Club  rescue@rottweilerauckland.org.nz



   Please read Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page

      Are you wanting a new home for your rottweiler, or can you provide a good home, if the answer is yes then read on: 

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22/8/2016 Caesar 26/10/16Adopted


Nell was  Adopted June 3rd 2016





Loki march 2016 -?

Rico  adopted april 2015



November 2014



Listed  Chopper December 2013 





Chop adopted Sept 2012

hardrada_-rotts-sign-reduced.JPG adopted.gif

Bozz adopted June 2012

bozz.JPG adopted.gif

Bruno adopted Aril 2012


 Shar Adopted March 2012

Shar.JPG adopted.gif

Charlie adopted June 2011

Charlie1.bmp adopted.gif



Added 14th May 2011

Rottweiler_7.12.09_adoption.jpg adopted.gif

Luke :  is now adopted

Rescue_008-09__Luke.jpg  adopted.gif


                   Owners wanting a new home for a rotty 

 If you are wanting a new home for your rotty please send in your details so that we can place them on our site, people can then read your details and contact you directly, on average rotty owners have found new home's within 2-3 weeks.

     Can you provide a permarnent loving home ?

If you can provide a home for a rotty, you can also email me your detail  which i can then place on our website

  • Please note we usually only rescue rotties which we have bred, but will try and link you in with people who are waiting for rescue dogs
  • Rotts are note suitable for everyone
  • Some dogs will require training before the adoption can work out.
  • All adoptive homes must be stable, supportive, and capable and willing to meet all veterinary needs of the animal
  • Before adopting a rotty i would suggest you read the folowing article:


  • Our links page lists breed club phone and email details, they may  be able to assist....



 Terms and conditions

Ian and Sue will place details of suitable dog's on our website,we will decide upon this on an individual basis

Rotties which need reholmimg and are not a detriment to the breed 

Only rescue dogs may be advertised here

No fees can be usually requested off the new owner, except for costs. Donations for rescue would be appreciated. 

We need the following information about the dog that is to be adopted....

Reason for rehoming

Age of dog

Is it spayed or neutered

Any health information

Whats its temperament like?

If you are rehoming your dog because it has a temperament problem, then you may have to think about whether the dog is suitable for rehoming 

Please provide you phone number and contact details including the region you live.

If you want your details adding on our website, or just require help and advice contact me on the email below :

 (Write rescue on subject page when wanting to add details on site)

Contact : rescue@rottweiler.co.nz







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